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Egypt Warned Israel that a Ground Op would End Peace

Egyptian military helicopters flying during a display of military maneuvers in the eastern Sinai. AFPEgyptian military helicopters flying during a display of military maneuvers in the eastern Sinai. AFPIsrael decided to refrain from a ground invasion of Gaza after it was warned that such a move could spell the end of the peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan, Channel 2 reported Thursday.
According to the report, Mossad Head Tamir Pardo, who went to Cairo as Israel's representative in the contacts that preceded the ceasefire, was told in messages from Cairo and from Washington that the peaceful relations between Israel, Jordan and Egypt were at risk.
In addition, Channel 2 reported that the Americans asked Egypt's president Mohammed Morsi to talk directly with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu about the ceasefire – but Morsi refused pointedly.
Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman told Channel 1 that some of the considerations behind the unpopular decision to agree to a ceasefire could not be made public. He said, however, that if the government's motivation had been political, it would have made the opposite decision.
Meanwhile, IDF Radio that the agreements have already been breached, just 24 hours after their formulation. About 200 Arabs rioted outside the Karara neighborhood and approached a breach in the security fence, where IDF soldiers were stationed.
Four of the rioters succeeded in crossing the fence, entered Israeli territory and waved a PLO flag. The soldiers fired in the air, and the riot ended.
The rioters were probably emboldened by the ceasefire agreement that cancels the IDF's self-declared "security zone" and allows them to approach the fence.

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