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Egypt opens closed-door training camp in Alexandria for Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood

terrorist-training-campterrorist-training-campThe following article appeared in the Al Wafd newspaper in Egypt on Thursday. September 27, 2012:
Closed-door training camp for Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood 
Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leaders initiated a closed-door training camp in Alexandria, Egypt. The training will take place in Abu Keer, east of Alexandria; the workshop is entitled Senaah El Regal 5 [Industrialization of Men, 5]. 
Along with Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood there are 180 members of Hamas arriving from Gaza.
This facility was created by Mubarak’s National Party for use in training its members. The facility cost Egyptian taxpayers many millions of Egyptian pounds. The initiative was prepared and organized through Al-alabdaa Industry Research Studies and Training of Gaza.
The training program takes seven days to complete and it includes ongoing intensive training for youth. The training is led by the participation of a group of experts and international trainers in the areas of human development. 
The training is free with all expenses paid by the Egyptian taxpayers. 

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