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New Axis of Evil: Egypt’s Intelligence Head Met with Iranian Spy

Morad-Muafi-Head-of-Intelligence-leftMorad-Muafi-Head-of-Intelligence-leftA recent secret meeting between the head of Egyptian intelligence and a senior Iranian spy offers new evidence of 
Cairo’s Muslim Brotherhood government having joined the “axis of evil.”
Murad Muwafi, head of the Egyptian General Intelligence Service, met in early August with a senior official of 
Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security, investigative journalist Bill Gertz wrote in the Washington Free 
Beacon Tuesday night.
He noted that the Obama administration continues to maintain close ties with Egypt, its major ally in the Middle 
East after Israel, and plans to offer the new government an additional $1 billion in aid.
Muwafi met with an Iranian spy was identified only by his last name, Gerami, setting off security concerns “because 
the Iranian spy service is a key player in Tehran’s international support for terrorism, as well as anti-U.S. and 
anti-Israel operations,” Gertz wrote.
Coincidentally or not, Muwafi was sacked from his position shortly afterwards, either because of the meeting or 
possibly bookcase of Egypt’s failure to heed advance warnings of the August 5 terrorist attack that killed 16 
Egyptian security personnel and which almost succeeded in crossing into Israel. The terrorists were eliminated 
before they could carry out plans to kill Israelis.
Asked about the Egyptian-Iranian intelligence meeting, a U.S. official told the Free Beacon, “The Egyptians are 
still skeptical of Iranian motives. There’s a lot of baggage to overcome with Tehran, so for now any efforts to 
expand outreach and build a new relationship are likely to be cautious and fairly limited.”
Nevertheless, the seeds of a Cairo’s actively joining the Iranian-Syrian-Hizbullah-axis have been planted.
Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi recently visited Iran and officially broker a 30 year-freeze in ties between the 
two countries. He denied Cairo was officially opening an embassy in Tehran, which openly welcomed the visit.
The formerly outlawed Muslim Brotherhood party won a plurality of seats in the legislature and formed a coalition 
with an even more radical party of Salafists. They are in a role-reversal situation, after having railed against 
Israel and the United States in the election campaign and now walking a tightrope to maintain Washington’s support 
without angering opposite elements as well as their own followers who want a break in relations with Israel and 
dependence on American aid.
Thousands of protesters Monday night stomped the U.S. embassy in Cairo and tore down the American flag in a protest 
against an American film that they said insults Islam.
The Muslim Brotherhood government has freed hundreds of radical fundamentalists who preach against Israel and the 
West and promote jihad.

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