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Egypt Raids Illegal Iranian Radio Station

Egypt Raids Illegal Iranian Radio StationEgypt Raids Illegal Iranian Radio StationEgyptian security officials on Monday raided the offices of an Iranian TV station and confiscated its equipment.
The station was shut down because it was operating without a permit.
Ahmad Al Sioufi, office director of Al Alam TV, told Gulf News on Sunday the station has repeatedly applied for permits since it first began its operations in Cairo nearly nine years ago.
He said Egyptian authorities always denied the request, but allowed the station to operate.
Egyptian security forces frequently crackdown on media outlets that operate without a license.
In September, the offices of Al-Jazeera Live Egypt were raided for similar reasons. The station has since resumed broadcasting without a license.
Al Sioufi said his son and another staffer were detained in the raid. He said he fears the crackdown aims to restrict media ahead of Egypt's presidential elections this month.
Iran has been accused by several Arab states – especially those in the Persian Gulf region – of inciting local Shiite populations to insurrection during the Arab Spring protests.

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