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Angry Syrian Protesters Burn 'Je suis Charlie' Poster

Stephane CharbonnierStephane CharbonnierSyrian protesters in a rebel-held area of Aleppo on Thursday burned a poster expressing support for satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo, accusing it of stoking Muslim anger, AFP reports.
Dozens of people marched in the battered district of Salaheddin, in the southwest of Syria's second city, against Charlie Hebdo's new cartoon, which depicts the Prophet Mohammed.
In Wednesday's new edition, the prophet is shown with a tear in his eye, under the headline "All is forgiven".
He holds a sign reading "Je suis Charlie", the slogan that has become a global rallying cry for those expressing sympathy for the victims and support for freedom of speech.
Wednesday's was the first issue of the magazine to be published since Islamist gunmen killed 12 people in an attack on its Paris offices on January 7.
The magazine’s new issue sold out across France in record time, but the Muslim world has not been as sympathetic.
The Afghan Taliban on Thursday condemned its publication of further Mohammed cartoons and praised the gunmen, saying they were "bringing the perpetrators of the obscene act to justice".
Angry opponents in countries from Pakistan and Turkey, the Philippines and Mauritania have staged protests over the new cartoons.
A Turkish court ordered a block on websites featuring images of the cover, while Senegal said it was banning the dissemination of Wednesday's editions of Charlie Hebdo and the French daily Liberation, which also put a cartoon of the Mohammed on the front page.
Some of the protesters in Aleppo carried banners inscribed with the Islamic profession of faith and a "Je suis Charlie" poster was burned.
"Mohammed is our leader forever," chanted some protesters, while others cried: "We will sacrifice ourselves for you, God's prophet."
Demonstrator Abu Mudar told AFP, "We are on the street today to support our prophet and to protest against the offensive drawings that Western governments are spreading, while hurting Muslims' feelings all over the world."
He added, "These drawings increase enmity, hatred and feelings of hostility among Muslims towards these governments and these countries."

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