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ISIS Establishing Itself as Political Entity in Every Way

Islamic State terrorists paradeIslamic State terrorists paradeSince the terrorist organization Islamic State (ISIS), which controls wide expanses of territory in Syria and Iraq, proclaimed a worldwide Islamic caliphate in June, it has gradually formed into a fledgling political entity. 
The latest propaganda video distributed by Islamic State presents footage of the General Services Department in the al-Raqqah region of Syria. This department is responsible for providing government services to the public. 
In the video, teams of local government members, working on behalf of Islamic State inspectors, prepare flour and wheat to make bread to distribute to local residents.
ISIS has been able to develop into more than just a terrorist militia, primarily through the takeover of existing government institutions in Syria and Iraq and their subordination to the new Islamic regime.
Some of the institutions in al-Raqqah include the Communications Department, which oversees the management of postal services and contacts.
Another, the Electricity Department, is responsible for repairing power lines and electrical water pumps. One of its first projects was providing power to villages around al-Raqqah. 
Other local departments manage infrastructure work in the public domain, such as the maintenance and cleaning departments, as well as oversee the licensing of motor vehicles. 
These departments work in conjunction with other government systems operated by Islamic State. Those include the education system, which is engaged in creating a new generation taught on the values of jihad, and the health system. 
The other major government system is the Islamic legal system which enforces law and order through security forces and morality police. 

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