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Huffington Post pimps for Islamic State and Hamas, defames their victims

photo-9photo-9This sums up what we’re up against. It best illustrates the war in the information battlespace. Who is the Huffington Post working for — the Islamic State? Clearly, they’d like to see my severed head on a pole.
Look at this report. Where is the coverage of the Yazidi speaker? The Kurd leader? The Hindu activist? Thousands are being slaughtered, and this troll is making fun of the international human rights hero, Simon Deng, a former Sudanese slave? Imagine recording three hours just to try and capture a wrong word or a flubbed line or a forgotten name. What’s funny is that Simon had rattled off a cascade of complicated names of numerous Islamic terrorist organizations, but that didn’t matter. When he momentarily forgot the Islamic State, Paul Vale pounced, like the vulture he is. And I love how he put “minorities persecuted under Islamic rule” in quotation marks, as if I made up the fact that there are religious minorities in Muslim countries, and that they’re being violently persecuted. Shame on them.
The whole point of the Huffington Post covering this rally was to mock, smear, and destroy anyone associated with this issue. This is not coverage, this is Islamic propaganda.
Their article is particularly targeting young people. What young person would want to be associated with this kind of coverage? It included nothing about the testimony from these unsung heroes. And the number of attendees is, typically, drastically low. They did the same thing with our Ground Zero Mosque rally as well — we had 30,000, and Keith Olbermann said we had 500. So if Paul Vale says we had 150 yesterday, which is refuted by the pictures I posted here, then you can be sure we had 5,000.
Notice also how he makes no mention of the sponsoring organization, the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) — instead, it’s “banned Geller,” “anti-Muslim Geller.” So opposing the oppression and genocide against the Yazidis and others is “anti-Muslim”? And apparently Paul Vale and the Huffington Post are on the side of the slaughterers.
As for the headline, pointing out that I am banned in the UK, that is a moment of shame not for me, but for Britain. Any liberal, thinking, freedom-loving human being knows how wrong it is to ban a human rights activist who stands for freedom and individual rights against oppression and subjugation. Instead of blaring it in a headline, they should be hanging their heads in shame. That’s a black mark against them, not me.
Videos of this historic event are being uploaded to YouTube today. Watch it and decide for yourself.
Getting your news from vicious trolls like Paul Vale is hazardous to your freedom.
Imagine: this is a big story on Huffington Post UK. They came across the world to mock and ridicule those who stood for freedom. And the American press wouldn’t even cover it. Which is worse? Who is more culpable?

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