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Hamas: Israel Trying to Cover Up its Own Failures

Marwan Kawasmeh L Amar Abu-EishaMarwan Kawasmeh L Amar Abu-EishaThe Hamas terrorist group on Thursday night downplayed Israel’s publication of the names of two members of the group, who are behind the abduction of three Israeli teens two weeks ago.
"The declaration of the occupation, in which the names from Hevron are presented, is the continuation of its confusion and disgraceful failure in achieving its goals,” declared Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri.
He said that Israel’s disclosure of the names of the two is meant to cover up its own failure in finding the kidnapped teens.
The two terrorists, as identified by the IDF earlier Thursday, are Marwan Kawasmeh (29) and Amar Abu-Eisha (33), both of whom have been arrested numerous times and are well known Hamas terrorists in the Hevron area. They are being tracked down by the IDF.
Earlier this week, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that Israel had “unequivocal proof that the organization responsible for the abduction is Hamas.”
Netanyahu said "we are transferring these proofs to a number of countries around the world. Soon the information will be made public.”
The father of one of the two terrorists denied later on Thursday his son's involvement in the kidnapping.
Omar Abu-Eisha, the father of Amar, claimed that he had seen no trace of Amar since the night of June 12, when the boys were abducted.

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