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Dr. Ashraf Ramelah with special guests calling in from Cairo

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Special Guest: Dr. Ashraf Ramelah with special guests calling in from Cairo toDr. Ashraf RamelahDr. Ashraf Ramelah discuss the daily rioting by Muslim Brotherhood and potential for civil war in Egypt. 
Also Sarah Stern, President and Founder, Endowment for Middle East Truth. The Summary of demands by Secretary of State John Kerry and Obama Administration setting the stage for April "Peace Talks." These preliminary discussions have key demands: 
1) Palestinian refugees have the right to return. But how many? 
2) Jews to give up all that was acquired in 1967 - all of Judea Samaria - including the Western Wall - Kerry suggests that Jews/Israelis will be "allowed" to the Wall at certain times; 
stern sarahstern sarah3) Foreign Troops to be placed in the Jordan Valley. Sarah knows this stuff backwards and forwards and will explain TOMORROW LIVE

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