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Egypt’s Brotherhood offers talks to ‘exit’ post-Mursi crisis

Muslim Brotherhood head quratersMuslim Brotherhood head quratersAn Islamist coalition led by the Muslim Brotherhood on Saturday offered negotiations to end the deadly tumult since Egyptian president Mohammad Mursi’s overthrow, without explicitly insisting on his reinstatement, reported Agence France-Presse.
The negotiation did not explicitly insist on his return but rather insisted on keeping up “peaceful opposition” and said it wanted a “consensus for the public good of the country.”
According to a released statement, the collation “calls on all revolutionary forces and political parties and patriotic figures to enter a deep dialogue on exiting the current crisis”
The coalition proposed conditions to enter the dialogue such as the release of Islamist prisoners and the reopening of Islamist broadcast channels that were closed after Mursi’s overthrow.
They coalition further demanded “a return to constitutional legitimacy and the democratic process with the participation of all political groups, without one group monopolizing the process or excluding any group.”

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