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Thwarted Attempts by Hamas to Hit Security Sites in Sinai

Aftermath of terrorist attack in SinaiAftermath of terrorist attack in SinaiSinai security sources said that Hamas’ military wing intended on attacking security sites and troops stationed in the Sinai Peninsula, but were blocked by Egyptian security forces.
According to a report by Kuwaiti newspaper, Alrai, the Hamas squad entered into Egypt with 15 terrorists through one of the smuggling tunnels and transferred weapons in order to harm the selected targets of the attack.
Israel Radio reported that Hamas planned on smuggling leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood prisoners out of jail.
Meanwhile, reports this morning from the New York Times newspaper claims that the significant changes made in the Middle East have dramatically affected the Hamas movement, who had severed ties with Syria and Iran for various reasons, and now with Egypt following the military coup.
Furthermore, the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood has severely impacted the economic situation in Gaza, leaving the leaders of Hamas without backup.
The leadership of the Hamas movement even considered granting the Palestinian Authority forces to enter Gaza and open the border with Egypt, however, that idea was quickly rejected.

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