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Jordanian MPs in Fistfight

Water bottle about to be launchedWater bottle about to be launchedFisticuffs broke out in the Jordanian parliament's plenum session Sunday as Prime Minister Dr. Abdallah al-Nussur replied to a parliamentary query from MP Kamal al-Zrul regarding the rising price of electricity.
MP Yahia al-Saud interrupted the Prime Minister and demanded that electricity prices not be raised.
At this point, MP Muataz Abu Raman intervened and called on Saud to allow the prime minister to reply to the question.
Saud took this badly. He approached Abu Raman, grabbed him and hit him in the arm. The two began to trade punches. In the course of the fight, one threw the Jordanian Constitution at the other, and the book of parliamentary rules was also hurled in the air, as were water bottles.
The Syrian civil war has worsened economic conditions in Jordan, which has had to take in hundreds of thousands of refugees. Jordan has asked for assistance from Western countries, and Israel, too, has helped by increasing the amount of water that is transferred to Jordan.

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