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Clashes Erupt at Jordanian University, Killing 3

Clashes Erupt at Jordanian UniversityClashes Erupt at Jordanian UniversityArmed clashes between students killed three people and hurt 25 others at a university campus in the restive Jordanian city of Maan on Monday, the kingdom's interior minister said.
"Three people died and 25 were injured the fight at the King Hussein bin Talal University's campus in Maan," in southern Jordan, Hussein Majali told AFP.
"Police fired tear gas, made 22 arrests and seized four weapons, including two automatic ones. One of the injured was in a bad condition after he was shot in the stomach."
Majali said a "former convict who once shot at a police station" was involved in the clashes.
"Police, who are still searching for the suspect, threw a security cordon around the university after evacuating people. Security was restored after these criminal acts."
The reasons behind the gun battle were unclear, but an activist said it was related to "tribal problems".
"It wasn't the first brawl over tribal problems. I think the shootout will have repercussions for the entire city of Maan," said Fakher Daass of Thabahtuna reformist movement, according to AFP.
Violence occurs almost frequently at Jordanian universities, and frequently spreads beyond campus grounds. 

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