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Identity of Bulgaria Terrorist Remains a Mystery

suspected Burgas bomber  (Ruteres)suspected Burgas bomber (Ruteres)The identity of the terrorist who blew himself up near a bus carrying Israeli tourists in Bulgaria last week, killing five Israelis, remains a mystery as a Bulgarian news website published photos of his body on Friday.
The website, Bivol, reported that the terrorist was unaware that he was going to explode and that the organizers of the terror attack blew up the terrorist using a remote control.
While this report has not been confirmed, the British Daily Mail reported on Saturday that British agents are examining the DNA of the suicide bomber to determine if he came from the UK.
The report said that security service officials travelled to Bulgaria and took samples and dental records from the terrorist’s body.
According to the Daily Mail, officials are now playing down CCTV footage released after the attack which showed the suspected bomber as a white man dressed in Bermuda shorts, T-shirt and cap.
Suggestions that it was an Algerian-Swedish Islamist who spent two years in Guantanamo Bay have also been dismissed, said the report.
CCTV footage initially released of the suspected bomber pictured moments before the explosion showed a casually dressed tall, white man carrying a large black backpack.
However, the Daily Mail reported, Dr. Kosyo Yankov who took part in the autopsy of the attacker said the body parts suggested a heavy man who “has nothing to do with the slim man caught by the security cameras at the Burgas airport.”
Israel has fingered Hizbullah and its supporter Iran as being behind the terror attack in Bulgaria. Hizbullah and Iran have both denied involvement, with Iran turning the tables on Israel and blaming the Jewish State for orchestrating a terror attack against its own citizens.

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