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President Obama

Obama Acceptance speech - ReutersObama Acceptance speech - ReutersPresident Obama just concluded a superb speech. A speech full of great human values. Values that all human beings on the face of earth long to enjoy. 
But ! how can any person believe in such noble principles, yet supports the enemies of all the values that he expounded to rule other countries ? how can the leader who talked enthusiastically a few minutes ago backs up those who are the true enemies of freedoms, tolerance, plurality, critical mind, relativity, religious freedom, civil state, rule of modern laws (not stone-age codex),rights of  women & minorities, otherness (or the acceptance of the other) and universality of science and
knowledge ?  ...   
The 39th and 40th Presidents of USA believed in similar
set of noble values, yet they joined hands (via KSA intelligence services) with the most extreme Saudi Wahhabis and created together what subsequently has become al-Qa'eda ... which confirms what I have been writing and expounding about that serious crack in the American Value Systems. 
A crack that continues to generate a gigantic controversy between what the USA (the government, not the people) accept for the sons and daughters of the USA society and what they accept for the sons and daughters of many other societies.
Tarek HeggyTarek HeggyTrek Heggy: is a liberal Egyptian author, political thinker and international petroleum strategist

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