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Pakistan's Jihad Against the USA

By sending aid Pakistan, we are funding the enemy, endangering Americans and undermining our efforts in the region. Diana West -   Remember when "Operation Infinite Justice" -- the post-9/11 US military build-up -- was quickly  changed  to "Operation Enduring Freedom" because Islam believes only Allah dispenses "infinite justice"? Well, now that as many 50 Pakistani imams in the Sunni Ittehad Council --  Facebook page here -- have declared jihad on the US, they have also declared that it is haram (forbidden) to call the U.S. a superpower because only Allah deserves the title. Of course, Pakistan has been fighting a jihad against the American Superdumbpower (is that ok???) for a long time -- even as it has been collecting billions in backsheesh -- US taxpayer dollars. This week, we learned about one skirmish in that jihad -- the deliberate and concerted Pakistani ambush of US military personnel in 2007 during which a US major was killed and three others were wounded. The most shocking aspect of the attack,  as reported for the first time in yesterday's NYT, is that it was not unique. It "fit a pattern." A pattern? From the Times story: At first, the meeting to resolve the border dispute seemed a success. Despite some tense moments, the delegations ate lunch together, exchanged phone numbers and made plans to meet again. Then, as the Americans and Afghans prepared to leave, the Pakistanis opened fire without warning. The assault involved multiple gunmen, Pakistani intelligence agents and military officers, and an attempt to kidnap or draw away the senior American and Afghan officials. American officials familiar with Pakistan say that the attack fit a pattern. The Pakistanis often seemed to retaliate for losses they had suffered in an accidental attack by United States forces with a deliberate assault on American troops, most probably to maintain morale among their own troops or to make a point to the Americans that they could not be pushed around, said a former American military officer who served in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. “Looking back, there were always these attacks that could possibly be attributed to deliberate retaliation,” the official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity because his job does not permit him to talk to journalists. Pakistani forces had suffered losses before the May 14 attack, he added. Pattern ... often ... always? I think the Pentagon has some 'splaning to do (again). Last week, Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX) introduced legislation to halt aid to Pakistan except for aid related to securing those100-plus Pakistani nukes. On the floor of the House, Poe put it this way: By sending aid Pakistan, we are funding the enemy, endangering Americans and undermining our efforts in the region. We pay them to hate us, now we pay them to bomb us. Let’s not pay them at all. Amen,  Congressman. Meanwhile, back in the Sunni Ittehad Council.... From Pakistan's The Nation (via the imams' Facebook wall -- ): LAHORE – As many as 50 religious scholars associated with the Sunni Ittehad Council (SIC), a conglomerate of 20 Barelvi school of thought groups, have declared that Jihad against the US would be obligatory for the entire in case of aggression against the country. According a press release issued here on Sunday, the scholars had issued a decree for Jihad against the US, terming it real Jihad in defence of the homeland. That's A#1 jihad. The fatwa also declared as haram (illegitimate) calling the US super power, saying only Allah Almighty deserved the title. The scholars called upon the government to end the country’s role as front-line state in the so-called US war on terror and try to establish a new bloc comprising China, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. They also urged the government to start preaching Jihad in the way of God with the armed forces making preparations to counter any foreign aggression. Tell me again the Pakistan Army motto? "Faith in Allah, fear of Allah, and jihad in the path of Allah" They urged all politicians to bring back their assets from abroad as well as returning bank loans got through political influence. If that last bit means returning the $20 billion-plus that the US has funnelled down the Islamabad sinkhole since 9/11, I'm for it.

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