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We Are the Last Three German Children in Our School

“It makes absolutely no difference how many children with immigration background go there [to the school].” K. Hense - T. Biermann -  D. Riedel - Gates of Vienna  Kreuzberg: Talina (11), Svenja (11) and Jason (9) do not understand a word spoken on the playground. Their classmates speak only Turkish or Arabic. In class, the three of them explain German words to their classmates. They are the last German children at their school, The Jens Nydahl elementary school on Kohlfurter street (Kreuzberg). 99% of the 313 students are from an immigration background. The parents of 285 of them are financially supported by the state. One of the many school problems Bild reported on. Talina attends 6th-year class. Mother Maria (45) says: “When she started school, she could write and read her first words. Her classmates could not even say ‘Thank you,’ ‘Please’ or ‘Good morning.’ The German children are teased as ‘pork gobblers.’” Her classmate, Svenja: “I wish I had more classmates who speak my language.” Jason’s mother says: “It’s bad that there are so few German children at the school.” Parents with foreign roots are also worried. Asiankara A. (35), Turkish and mother of sixth class student, Burakcan: “It’s too bad that there are so few Germans here. It makes it very hard for our children to learn the language.” A youth worker to Bild: “We have tried in vain to get Germans to come to the school. Now we are concentrating on the clientele we have. Pork is no longer served in the cafeteria.” Apparently, the worries of parents and teachers are of no concern to the district. Education councilwoman Monika Herrmann (47, Green): “It makes absolutely no difference how many children with immigration background go there.”

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