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Immigration Reform: An open door to the persecuted and not the persecutors

Policing of fundamental-Muslims (Mohamedists) is an unfortunate necessity and the NYPD's program to monitor Muslims is merely a symptom of a much bigger problem rooted in the New Deal welfare state that has made the US attractive not only to the persecuted but also to the persecutors. Walter Brown [caption id="attachment_12617" align="alignright" width="50" caption="Walter Brown"]Walter BrownWalter Brown[/caption] Have you ever wondered why Coptic Christians and other persecuted minorities face so many obstacles to immigration while there seems to be an open door for their persecutors?  The answer lies in our immigration policy.  Establishing and enforcing immigration laws is an important responsibility of our federal government with both economic and national security issues at stake. From a strictly economic point of view, the liberal minded management of our unconstitutional and illegal federal entitlement programs has caused immigrants to be an economic risk and burden.  Calling the New Deal Socialism disaster an immigration problem versus an internal political problem is akin to blaming the sinking of the Titanic on undersized bilge pumps versus hitting an iceberg, but economics is not the entire story. The persecuted comprised a large part of immigration to America and few if any of the persecutors came to until the New Deal programs were implemented and well established.  Persecutors are invariably accustomed to luxury and they had little incentive to leave, as they were already living a life of comparative luxury. By the 1960's life in the United States was substantially better than life under the retrograde governance of Islam and the first wave of Muslims actively professing their faith began to arrive in the US.  Of the minuscule number that came prior to 1960, virtually all had given up on the fruitless and failed system of Sharia and wanted nothing to do with the Islam they were leaving behind.  With few exceptions, they intermarried with the overwhelmingly Christian population and abandoned the sharia supremacist attitudes prevalent in their countries of origin. A major change occurred in 1965, during the third wave of Arab immigration wherein the fraction of Arab immigrants declaring themselves to be Muslims jumped from 5% to 60%. Between 1967 and 2003 some 757,626 Arabs came to the United States, during this time, in addition to increasingly regular conflict between Israel and its Arab neighbors, there was widespread “intra-Arab warfare” and a general increase in religious, ethnic and sectarian tensions in the region. Also, the rise of Islamism in the Middle East ethnically cleansed the region of its native Christian populations. The net effect of the immigration reforms, new deal and middle east instability was to bring a wave immigrants to the US that had neither abandoned or rejected Sharia.  The problem was exacerbated by the ease and low cost of international travel, the days of 1 out of every 7 immigrants dying on the boat to America were long behind us and anyone arriving could reasonably expect to live a better life independent of where he or she came from. The immigration act of 1965 changed the fundamental philosophy of immigration policy from one of preserving the existing national character and completely excluding particular groups to one focused on immigrants' skills and family relationships with citizens or residents of the U.S independent of their political leanings fortunately it also established a very low restriction on visas at 170,000 per year.  In spite of the misguided nature of the 1920's policy, the lack of a federal social welfare system was effective in keeping the luxury accustomed oppressors out. What got lost in the political correctness of the 1960's was the simple fact that immigration policy should be directed towards providing refuge to the persecuted and not for their persecutors.  In the drug induced haze of the 1960's America lost track of who the good guys and bad guys were.  It is not un-American to say that some people are better citizens than others, we may all be born equal but after that our paths go in an infinite number of directions.  Keeping out the bad-guys is nothing more than an extension of the principle that persons which are dangerous to others such as criminals should be maintained separated from the general population for everyone's benefit. Muslim governments have and continue to ruthlessly persecute Christians where ever they are the predominant political force.  In many cases, the Muslim governments are bent eliminating the Christian presence in their populations by forced conversion, ethnic cleansing and even genocide.  The predominant concept is conquest and not segregation, consequently they frequently prohibit non-Muslims from leaving denying them travel documents and monitoring any attempt to contact foreign embassies for assistance.  Keeping an eye on overly fundamental Muslims and all non-Muslims is a substantial aspect of the secret police forces found in virtually every Islamic Republic. Policing of fundamental-Muslims (Mohamedists) is an unfortunate necessity and the NYPD's program to monitor Muslims is merely a symptom of a much bigger problem rooted in the New Deal welfare state that has made the US attractive not only to the persecuted but also to the persecutors. Short of repealing all of the New Deal type programs in existence we are left with the challenge of separating the wheat and the weeds.  In order to do this well, we need to refocus on degree of persecution that exists in an immigrant's country of origin and which side of that persecution he or she is on.  Establishing very stringent limitations and requirements for immigration of on Muslims the traditional persecutors of Christians and others is an idea that needs to be discussed. The politically incorrect and unapologetic weblog of Walter L. Brown Jr; American Defense League (ADL) Founder. Walter Brown is Voice of the Copts Board Member.

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