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Why are Muslim leaders not condemning violence in Syria?

One consistent failing among the Muslims in the subcontinent at least, is their utter lack of self-criticism.  Shafey Danish - Nvo News The world, and Muslim world in particular is on a boil. Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Bahrain, the entire arc of middle east countries are witnessing a revolution. It is a historic moment of assertion against tyranny which has drawn world wide support. Yet, as I trawl through the opinions and news on the issue, I wonder why are Muslim leaders silent on the issue? Where is the popular outpourings, the prayers for the oppressed? When Afghanistan and Iraq were attacked by the US there was considerable anti Americanism here. People prayed for the Afghanis, and the Iraqis. During the first Gulf  war, Saddam became a hero in the Indian subcontinent. Children were named after him. Israeli raids on Palestine draws equally heated reactions. Yet, when it comes to supporting the common people against home grown dictators this public outrage, and public opinion is curiously missing. This I believe shows notable lack within the community. We look for enemies on the outside. Those within, somehow don’t qualify for the same opprobrium, even though to see what is going on in Syria is to know that this a regime that is doing as much, and more harm to its people than any attack by Israel could have done. More than 2000 people have died in the bloodiest crackdown in the middle-east. President Bashar al Assad has revived memories of his father’s merciless attack on the city of Hama, which had left 20000 to 30000 people dead. Hama is once more the epicenter of the revolt against the regime. While Hafez Assad had fought armed Islamists, Bashar al Assad’s regime is killing unarmed people, who have come out in peaceful protests. He calls them terrorists, and armed gangs, but terrorism is an epithet that is better applied to the government’s tactics. One consistent failing among the Muslims in the subcontinent at least, is their utter lack of self-criticism. People lack the ability to look at the problems within the community, and naturally they have no wish to remedy a disease that they cannot see. While they will feel the criticize real and perceived discrimination, while they would roundly criticize the Hindu right wing, they would hardly ever raise their voice against the thugs within the community. They would not offer a substantial criticism of their own strongmen and the Muslim politicians. The Madarsa board of education, a board which was supposed to compete with such westernized education boards as CBSE and ICSE has now become defunct due to mismanagement. Yet, where is the analysis of this failure, and criticism of those who made it so? So called Muslim institutions like Jamia Millia Islamia and Aligarh Muslim University are worlds away from the efficiency seen in quality institutions like the IITs. Yet all we hear about these institutions is how they should be granted minority status. Where is the plan to make them world class institutions? This extends to Muslim issues outside India too. While Israel’s attacks on Palestine draws attention, the omissions and commissions of the dictatorship in the region have passed beneath the radar of Muslim commentators. This holds true even in this time when these dictators are being thrown out by their own people. These are critical times for the Muslim community. Unless they wake up and do some house cleaning, raging against those who dish dirt at them is not going to help.

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