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"Sawiris" calls on Liberals to Support the Government Against the "Muslim Brotherhood" and Underlines that the Government is Still Living Under the Mantle of "Nasser"

Engineer Naguib Sawiris, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Orascom Telecoms, called on the liberal political forces to support the government against the "Muslim Brotherhood", stressing that the government alone will not be able to defeat them.

He said: "What prevents the State from forming a coalition government of liberal parties, such as the Wafd Party or the Democratic Front Party?

Beating the Muslim Brotherhood with sticks and chasing them through streets, would not be a solution".

He added: "I agree with the government that giving full freedom will only give us such forces like the Muslim Brotherhood or the (Hamas), which will throw us back 50 years. I am not against democracy, but it should come gradually, alongside stepping up the economic reform".

During an expanded meeting which he held before yesterday evening, at the club "Rotary Royal Cairo", Sawiris confirmed his solidarity with the State's policy towards the crisis in the Gaza Strip, saying: "It is not required of Egypt to receive the Palestinians and establish camps for them, as is the case in Lebanon, this scheme will bring Tehran to the borders of Egypt".

"I was initially optimistic about the resistance, but the Hamas leaders hid in their "holes" and left the Palestinian people to face the war alone, besides some regional powers like Syria which used "throaty"

speeches, while it did not fire a single bullet at the Jews in the occupied Golan".

Talking about the economic crisis, Sawiris said that the performance of Dr. Ahmed Nazif, the Prime Minister, has been good in the beginning, but he has no longer the same enthusiasm, insinuating that he - Sawiris - knows the reasons, but would not mention any.

Sawiris believes that the Egyptian government is not ready to deal with the crisis, noting that the government's decision to pump 15 billion pounds 3 months ago, has not yet been implemented, and such crises requires rapid action, but the government - unfortunately - is moving too slowly.

He criticized, Dr. Farouk El-Okdah, the central bank governor, for his determination on not to reduce interest rates on lending, pointing out that El-Okdah is being "Mulish" and "no one can talk to him about it", despite the fact that all the world reduced interest rates.

He confirmed that the Nasserist idiology still controls the direction of the government, demonstrating this with the decisions taken by the Government on May 5th,and which it later retracted by declining facilities provided to investors, describing the government as still living under the mantle of Gamal Abdel Nasser. Ç

He continued: "the global crisis requires collective action, in a time in which the performance of the government is controlled by "cliquishness", and this concept is embedded to such an extent, that each (one) in the government has his own independent "clique".

This artcilce was translated into English by Voice of the Copts.

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