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The Third World War

Big MapBig MapMy fellow Europeans. It is very sad to bury so many young innocent people, murdered by extremist Islamists just because they criticized Mohammed in cartoons or were born Jewish.
The murderers are not just 'terrorists'. They are murderers. The difference between them and other murderers is the purpose behind their evil deeds. They don't want to frighten, they want to convert you. What did they want to achieve with the murder? These murderers are "acting" in the name of "Allah" which means that their target is to convert Europe to Islam. To establish Islamic and Sharia rules.
For the European leaders and people who don't understand, I'll try to explain. In an article I published several years ago I emphasized that the biggest silent conquest in human history is taking place right now. It is being accomplished by the Muslims who have invaded Europe, either legally or illegally. It is a religious invasion. It is the silent part of the coming religious war.
The openness, tolerance and acceptance of the European countries and regimes are well obvious to the Europeans but they are understood by the invaders as evidence of weakness and an inability to deal with the problem. The first and only country that daily confronts these issues, with a 20% Muslim population that opposes the very existence of the state in which they have full human and political rights, is Israel.
It is not unusual for Israel to suffer from terrorism and be condemned by Europe for its deterrent actions to avoid terrorist attacks. Now after having the frightening terror in-house, you my European friends, have to fight against this phenomenon.
Don't be nice to those who interpret your niceness as weakness.
Don't accept those who want to destroy you from the inside. In the coming years you will need security men in every cinema, supermarket and public buildings to check the people who want to enter, the same as we are used to having in Israel. The same as the world got used to when coming to airports to be checked early.  You, my fellow, have to get used to the fact that it will become your daily life.
That is the way we are living in Israel and that is why we are sometimes condemned by you. Not happy to say it but "welcome to the club".
You were blind to see the religious conquest, but you have just tasted it a bit. You will get it in big amounts and in many countries. If Denmark, Sweden, Norway or Nederland think they will escape from these religious murderers, they live in a dreamworld . 
It is not an issue of land, an issue of 'occupation' nor is it an issue of discrimination. It is an issue of blind hatred to those who are not accepting of "our Islam". Be aware that there are some Islamists, like Shiites or Sunnis, who murder one another as well but they are all are against you. If you are not one of them, you should convert or be killed.
Don't be shocked. Be aware. Don't demonstrate. Act. Unite the forces in your countries and nearby countries. You are in the first steps of the Third World War. 
Dr. Gad PeniniDr. Gad PeniniDr. Gad Penini
The writer holds a Ph.d. in Accounting and a law degree, is a senior lecturer at the Israeli Center for Academic Studies.

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