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The Washington Report on the Middle East is a Joke

The Washington ReportThe Washington ReportThis is not a Purim article, unfortunately.
The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs claims that it is in the business of “Interpreting the Middle East for North Americans • Interpreting North America for the Middle East”.
Unfortunately the only place in the Middle East that the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs has ever heard of is Israel. That’s strange since the people who run it tend to be closely acquainted with their old Middle Eastern jobs in Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
Here’s the most recent cover for the publication which brings you such timely stories about the Middle East as…
1. The Assassination of Yasser Arafat (by Israel)
2. Israel’s Discriminatory Practices
3. Israel’s Iran  Debacle
4. American Jews are traitors (dual loyalty)
5. The death of Nelson Mandela
You might assume that at least the death of Nelson Mandela would not be about Israel. But this is the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. If it’s not about Israel, it’s not in the magazine.
So the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs publishes two articles on Mandela by Palestinian Arabs who talk about how evil Israel is.
One of them is Marwan Barghouti whom the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs describes as the “Palestinian Mandela” who is in prison for running a terrorist group responsible for numerous murders, including that of a Greek Orthodox monk.
Barghouti spends most of the piece talking about himself and defeating Israel. It’s a real tribute to Mandela.
The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs was always a propaganda outlet for the Saudi lobby, but it wasn’t always a complete joke.
Scroll down the site’s table of contents and you have to get through 13 articles to find one non-Israel article. There’s only one story about Syria where some say there’s a little war going on.
Even Der Sturmer wrote about something other than Jews, but that’s more self-control than the editors of the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs seem to be capable of.
If space aliens read the the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, they would assume that the Middle East consists entirely of Israel.
This article also appeared in FrontPage Magazine:
Daniel GreenfieldDaniel GreenfieldDaniel Greenfield
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