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Frontlines: The World is in Peril

Bushehr nuclear power plant - AFPBushehr nuclear power plant - AFPIn 1938 there were many who could see the dark clouds forming and assembling above but no one knew the extent of the horror that was going to unfold over the next seven years.
The world is facing a similar situation in 2013. The stakes are even higher given the advent of the nuclear age. Iran is the "Germany" of today. The world should not think for one minute that the Iranians want a negotiated settlement just as Hitler never wanted anything but total and absolute control of the world. The West always has a hard time reading the Muslim world.
At best America is naive about the true intentions of Iran. It is actually a lot closer to irrational about their goals and ambitions. Iran wants to rule the Muslim world and they have used their proxies Hezbollah, Bashar Assad's Syria, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood to this end.
Iran values death even more than life itself. They did not hesitate to send tens of thousands into the line of fire in their war against Iraq. They are not acquiring nuclear capabilities to replace their huge oil reserves. They have absolutely no need for nuclear energy given their plentiful oil wells. There is only one reason and one reason only for the Iranians to make nuclear reactors. It is unquestionably and unequivocally to make nuclear weapons.
Although the destruction of Israel is certainly one of their goals, they have higher priority ambitions including controlling all of the Mideast's oil fields, and the economic and physical destruction of the United States of America who they view as the "Great Satan". They can destroy America economically by turning off the flow of oil from the Middle East, and they can destroy America physically by using a small nuclear explosion high up in the atmosphere (EMP) causing an electrical blackout of the entire country.
In a few years they can destroy America using ICBM's (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles) with nuclear warheads which they are developing along with their ally North Korea.
A negotiated settlement with Iran will be just like the agreement Neville Chamberlain made with Hitler over the Sudentenland. The appeasement strategy played right into Hitler's hands. Many underestimated Germany's intentions just as so many are underestimating Iran's ambitions and intentions. Hopefully, enough smart people exist in the world today to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons.

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