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04/25/2015 pm30 12:50
yemen-rejects-iran-s-peace-planYemen’s Foreign Minister, Riyad Yassin, underlined on Sunday Yemen’s rejection of the “four-point peace plan” that Iran has submitted to the UN Secretary General and the President of the Security Council.   FM Yassin reiterated last week’s letter of total rejection of...
04/25/2015 pm30 12:19
ex-hussein-intel-officer-planned-isis-s-rise-to-powerAn ex-intelligence officer under the late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was "the strategic head" behind the Islamic State (ISIS, aka IS) group and drew up the blueprints for the jihadists' capture of northern Syria, German weekly Der Spiegel reported Sunday.   Former...
04/24/2015 pm30 18:11
iran-we-won-t-allow-foreigners-to-inspect-our-sitesA top Iranian commander on Sunday said that his country will never permit “foreigners” to inspect its military sites.   “Not only will we not grant foreigners the permission to inspect our military sites, we will not even give them permission to...
04/24/2015 pm30 12:03
france-begins-to-provide-weapons-to-lebanonThe first French weapons from a $3 billion Saudi-funded program will arrive in Lebanon on Monday as allies seek to bolster the country's defenses against the Islamic State (ISIS) group and other jihadists pressing along its Syrian border, AFP reported...
04/24/2015 am30 08:22
khamenei-us-created-myth-of-nuclear-weapons-to-demonize-iranThe United States created the "myth" of Iranian nuclear weapons in a wily maneuver to turn the country into a "threat," Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei alleged on Sunday.   Speaking to several hundred military commanders during a televised address, Khamenei...

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