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04/17/2015 pm30 20:05
senior-hamas-official-abbas-has-no-legitimacy-to-lead-paThe war of words between Hamas and Fatah is heating up, as a senior Hamas official asserted that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas had forfeited his legitimacy to lead.   In an article published in the Hamas journal "Palestine", senior official Mahmoud...
04/16/2015 pm30 22:39
50-isis-hostages-include-ismaili-minoritiesJihadist fighters from the Islamic State (ISIS) group are holding hostage at least 50 civilians, almost half of them women, seized in a raid on a village in central Syria, a monitor said.   They were kidnapped from the village of Mabujeh...
04/14/2015 am30 11:39
american-evangelical-christendom-living-the-good-life-off-the-blood-of-the-martyrs “When it comes to modern missions, I believe no other people group is so uniquely positioned for world evangelization today as are First Nations people.” (Twiss 19).  Richard Twiss- Native American Evangelist   Introduction The American Evangelical community is predominantly disengaged from the religious...
04/11/2015 am30 07:41
why-us-state-declassified-the-report-on-israel-s-nuclear-capabilitiesIsrael’s foremost enemy is the US State Department. The presidents and politicians, are just the summer help to State.   Normally when somebody wants something from somebody else, they show their best behavior toward the person they want it from. Even a...
04/11/2015 am30 06:47
obama-s-two-state-tantrumWhat message does it send when the White House Chief of Staff attacks the Prime Minister of Israel at an event featuring enemies of Israel? And Barack Obama is certainly no stickler for integrity in election rhetoric.   Obama’s two terms showed...

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