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04/21/2015 am30 10:33
isis-seizes-parts-of-iraq-s-largest-refineryJihadists from the Islamic State (ISIS) group broke into Iraq's massive Baiji oil refinery, seized some of its facilities and are hiding among fuel storage tanks, officials said Wednesday, according to the AFP news agency.   ISIS has attempted repeatedly over the...
04/21/2015 am30 08:26
rebels-in-southern-syria-split-with-al-qaeda-after-tensionsRebels fighting in southern Syria will not cooperate militarily with Al Qaeda's Syrian affiliate, Al Nusra Front, a spokesman said Wednesday.   Essam al-Rayes' comments come after tensions between local rebel groups and Al Nusra over the capture of a border crossing...
04/18/2015 am30 05:56
saudis-more-than-500-houthis-killed-so-farMore than 500 Iranian-backed Houthi rebels have been killed in clashes on the border with Yemen since the Saudi-led air war against them began, the Saudi Defense ministry said Saturday, according to Al Arabiya, which cited the Saudi Press Agency.   It...
04/18/2015 am30 05:49
unrwa-chief-concerned-about-civilians-in-syria-s-yarmoukA UN agency chief said Sunday he was deeply concerned for civilians stuck in a Damascus neighborhood after it was stormed by the jihadist Islamic State terrorist group, also known as ISIS.   "We remain very worried for refugees and civilians inside...
04/17/2015 pm30 20:05
senior-hamas-official-abbas-has-no-legitimacy-to-lead-paThe war of words between Hamas and Fatah is heating up, as a senior Hamas official asserted that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas had forfeited his legitimacy to lead.   In an article published in the Hamas journal "Palestine", senior official Mahmoud...

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