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Man arrested in Mekkah for seeking to marry Jewish woman

arrestedarrestedPolice at the Grand Mosque in Mekkah arrested on Thursday a man found carrying papers that show he is looking for a Jewish woman to marry, according to a report by the daily al-Hayat newspaper.
Lieutenant Abdulmohsen Maiman, spokesman for the Grand Mosque police, told the paper that the 49-year-old Saudi national could be suffering from “mental disorder.” 
He said the man was arrested in possession of “five documents containing contradictory information showing the man's mental state and expressing his desire to marry a Jewish a woman,” al-Hayat reported.
Lieutenant Maiman denied earlier reports that the man was handing out papers to worshipers and asking them for help in finding his Jewish dream wife.
The man according to the police official was referred to investigation and prosecution before he could be transferred to a specialized physician.
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