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Fatwa against purchasing of votes

Using money or consumer goods to buy votes has been forbidden by religion. The Fatwa has been issued by Darul Iftaa, the Egyptian authority has issued the fatwa on the eve of the first round of voting in the first post-Mubarak presidential elections. The first round will be held next week on 23 and 24.
A note issued by Darul Iftaa urges candidates to be honest in their promises and to keep them with the voters. Islam calls for honesty,respect for freedom of choice, and appeals to the fight against corruption and lies, the Mena agency reports.
Money paid out during elections is considered a form of corruption and Islam condemns the payer and the payee.
Messages are spreading on the social networks, saying that it is mainly the Muslim Brotherhood who are collecting identity cards, which have the validity of ballot cards in Egypt, especially from women in poor and rural areas, in exchange for money. 

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