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06/14/2015 am30 00:35
europe-s-death-throes-no-to-judaism-and-christianity-yes-to-islamDuring the Vietnam War, Jane Fonda was in Hanoi wearing an helmet and standing up for the Vietcong. But "Hanoi Jane" could not shoot at American B-52's, while young Frenchmen know how to go about the cutting off of heads.  The...
06/10/2015 am30 11:32
will-the-sharia-save-morsiJust three weeks ago the Egyptian court sentenced Egypt’s former Muslim Brotherhood president, Mohammed Morsi, to the death penalty after evidence presented from Egyptian intelligence documents proved him guilty of spying for Qatar, Iran and Turkey.     There are more than...
05/26/2015 pm31 12:11
the-vatican-has-always-tried-to-inflict-damage-on-the-jewish-stateThe Vatican has been at best indifferent and at worst, like today, willfully harmful to the Jewish State.   A few days ago, before his deplorable meeting with PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas,  the Vatican choose to recognize the “State of Palestine” in...


08/26/2015 am31 11:29
isis-offers-reward-for-killing-al-qaeda-leaderThe ongoing rivalry between ISIS and Al Qaeda has reached new heights this week, with ISIS distributing "Wanted Dead" posters for several key Al Qaeda commanders - including the group's leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri   The posters began circulating earlier in August and...
08/20/2015 pm31 19:18
nyc-rally-to-demand-senator-reverse-iran-deal-voteAfter getting thousands to protest the Iran nuclear deal in New York City's iconic Times Square last month, the Stop Iran Rally is back with a protest planned for September 1, focusing on Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY).   The rally is expected...
08/20/2015 pm31 18:40
jimmy-carter-cancer-spread-to-my-brainFormer US President Jimmy Carter held a press conference on Thursday, in which he announced that the cancer which doctors discovered on his liver - that he revealed last Wednesday - has been found to have spread to his brain...
08/20/2015 am31 07:34
defeat-isis-on-the-ground-like-the-nazis-were-defeatedOn Thursday, an engineering student from the Kinneret Academic college in northern Israel was charged with joining Islamic State (ISIS).    To examine the growing phenomenon of young Israeli Arabs joining the jihadist group, Arutz Sheva spoke to Dr. Mordechai Kedar, well-known...


08/02/2015 am31 08:57
pa-campaign-temple-never-existed-we-were-here-before-youPalestinian Media Watch (PMW) has published a collection of recent declarations on official PA television that the Jewish Temple never existed, that the "Palestinians" predated the Jews in Jerusalem by "centuries," and the like.   The latest posting by the internationally-known media...
07/07/2015 pm31 22:35
why-does-ramadan-inspire-more-terrorDr. Mordechai Kedar on Friday explained why the Muslim fast month of Ramadan has sparked a worldwide terrorism spike, in a special interview with Arutz Sheva.    Kedar noted that during Ramadan, the rituals of fasting and prayer bring many Muslims to...
06/20/2015 pm30 19:00
islamic-view-about-mankindIslamic doctrine, Copts in Egypt and Christians in Islamic countries experienced what that man said!                  
06/13/2015 am30 11:10
three-beheaded-in-saudi-arabiaSaudi Arabia on Tuesday beheaded a Syrian drug trafficker and two Saudis convicted of murder, despite concerns raised by rights' experts that trials are not conducted fairly in the kingdom.   Their cases bring to 97 the number of executions of locals...

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